016 – “You Mean Ro-BUTT-nik”

Released September 22, 2016

“Sonic the Hedgehog 2” (1992) Sega Genesis game. In this, our season one finale, the guys dig deep into Steve’s Sega-kid origins to keep pace with the spinning blue hedgehog and his double-tailed sidekick — whose full name, we discovered, is Miles “Tails” Prower. Seriously.

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015 – “He Has Animal Buddies”

Released September 15, 2016

“The Crow” (1994) movie. The guys get moody in face paint and leather pants for this epic goth revenge opera. Is that nostalgia I smell?
On a technical note, we had some audio issues on this episode. It does get better as the track continues, however.

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014 – “Because He’s An Idiot”

Released September 8, 2016

“Army of Darkness” (1992) movie. The guys bust out chainsaws and boom sticks to go a round with an army of stop-motion Deadites. Groovy.
On a technical note, we had some minor audio issues on this episode that were mostly squashed with the power of editing.

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013 – “Solid 20 Minute Set”

Released September 1, 2016

“Dana Carvey: Critics’ Choice” (1995) HBO stand-up special. The guys are framing O. J. and choppin’ broccoli this week with Dana Carvey’s hometown (San Francisco) special. It’s like adopting a hundred year old man.

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010 – “Songs That You Bone To”

Released August 11, 2016

“Space Jam” (1996) soundtrack album. The guys keep slipping, slipping, slipping into this classic soundtrack from the half-animated sports movie that made us all believe we could fly. We’re gonna kick it into overtime with this one.

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009 – “Verb The Adjective Noun”

Released August 4, 2016

“Clone High” (2002-03) animated series. This week on a very special Clone Hi– er, The Dust Off. We take a look at the single-season MTV run from Lord and Miller. We’re gonna make it if we try… Weesssleyyy.

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