046 – “A Million Dollars of Uppers”

Released January 26, 2018

“Carmen Electra’s Fit to Strip” (2004). The Dust Off crew decided to tackle the classic New Years ‘Get Fit’ resolution the only logical way – By diving into Carmen Electra’s Strippercize series. Yes, this is the second strip-centric workout video that Carmen Electra released. Yes, there is a hip hop segment. But there is also […]

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024 – “Jogging Or Yogging”

Released January 20, 2017

Jogging (or, yogging?). The guys lace up and hit the pavement for a good run – or, attempt to anyway. Will winter weather, life-threatening flu, and increased productivity stand in the way of us channeling our inner Rocky Balboas, Clarice Starlings, and Lester Burnhams? Yup. Well, that and old man aches, a lack of chasms to leap, and general butt grabbing between our hosts.

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