031 – “Full Bowie”

Released May 5, 2017

“Transformer” (1972) sophomore solo album from Lou Reed. Steve and Jake try out a new Craigslist-found co-host, Bernard “Bernie” Stilton, on their revisit of Lou Reed’s Bowie and Mick Ronson produced, jam-packed second album. Bernie brings research notes, stories from his life, a brutal cough, and a pretty weird Andy Warhol impression to the show. Jake winds up Bernie’s “main squeeze”, Steve takes up cobbling, and Bernie packs a constant half Bowie.

He’s no Pat, but Bernie certainly pumps some new (really, really old) blood into the show.

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020 – “Thriftmas”

Released November 17, 2016

“Once Upon a Christmas” (1984) holiday album by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. After a yuletide trip to a local thrift shop, the guys are ready to sip peppermint mochas and dig into this country Christmas classic on vinyl. ‘Tis (not even close to) the holiday season, so let’s reminisce of the early-90’s country music boom while listening to Dolly carry Kenny through the entire record.

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010 – “Songs That You Bone To”

Released August 11, 2016

“Space Jam” (1996) soundtrack album. The guys keep slipping, slipping, slipping into this classic soundtrack from the half-animated sports movie that made us all believe we could fly. We’re gonna kick it into overtime with this one.

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