030 – “Bunch Of Purple Boys”

Released April 28, 2017

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” (1995) Sega Genesis movie tie-in game. The guys punch and kick their way back to a blue, yellow, white (with some gold), red, pink, and black 1995 with this dismal tie-in Genesis game for the Power Rangers’ first cinematic outing. There’s tension between Pat (temporarily resurrected after his demise last episode) and Steve over the best Ranger – Jason or Tommy – while Jake passes time whittling rocking chairs instead of watching 90’s cable. It’s a reverse “Shaq Fu” this week, with the Genesis’ blast processing falling far short of the SNES version.

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013 – “Solid 20 Minute Set”

Released September 1, 2016

“Dana Carvey: Critics’ Choice” (1995) HBO stand-up special. The guys are framing O. J. and choppin’ broccoli this week with Dana Carvey’s hometown (San Francisco) special. It’s like adopting a hundred year old man.

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