041 – “Zomboos”

Released October 6, 2017

“Day of the Dead” (1985) Romero zombie romp. The guys are joined by New Brunswick playwright/actor/cool dude Ryan “Griff” Griffith this week. From their respective limestone mines, the four pay tribute to the late horror icon and Toronto native, George A. Romero — and, boy howdy, do they go deep! Enjoy much philosophical waxing on Romero’s cult classic, all while picking Ryan’s delicious, juicy brains about his new play: “Fortune of Wolves” (on stage October 12-27th)!

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021 – “Love The Blimp”

Released November 24, 2016

“A View to a Kill” (1985) James Bond film. The guys (minus Pat) take a blimp to the West coast and pick up special guest host Chris Nyarady on their way to flooding Silicon Valley. Mind your Bonds and Qs, dance into the fire, admire a restrained psychopath, and keep track of how many times we say “San Francisco”. Heck, we’d recommend a drinking game for that one — you’re going to need it for this Saturday morning cartoon Bond!

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