047 – “All We Need Are These Nips”


“Childhood crushes.” In a Dust Off first, the girls take a look back at their childhood celebrity crushes. A cartoon Canuck, an ABC family-comedy Bad Boy, and a certain heartthrob who’s name may or may not rhyme with Boney Stanza make up the bunch. Needless to say things in this episode get a little weird. Tune in!

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Credits and contributions

This episode of The Dust Off is held together with fairy dust, children’s wishes, and the following contributions:

  • Hosted by Stephanie Belyea, Emily Bossé, and Norah Kennedy
  • Research by Pat Brennan
  • Edited by Pat Brennan
  • Produced by Stephen Belyea, Pat Brennan and Jake Martin
  • Theme music from Valery & The Greedies: goo.gl/SrdxGD

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