029 – “Down The Groundhog Hole”

Andie MacDowell and Bill Murray kiss in the snow out front of Victorian bed and breakfast

“Groundhog Day” (1993) multiversal dramedy. Join the guys on a journey through time and space with our very special guest host (all the way from South Korea), Jon Ewart. We talk “Twilight Zone”, “Hannibal”, “There’s Something About Mary”, 90’s pop singer Robyn, and (naturally) Weird Al in our quest for the Windows 3.1 machine powering the entire multiverse. Strap in, sports fans, this season finale gets a bit dark and tragic. Will all of our hosts make it to season four?

Oh yeah, and we also talk about Bill Murray and Groundhog Day a bunch.

Shout-outs mentioned in the show:

  • Jon Ewart (@JiggityJon) – our guest-host with the most – on Twitter: goo.gl/2NfwPJ
  • eBay’s tantalizing listings for Panasonic flip alarm clocks: goo.gl/dpzsiV
  • Further reading on 90’s pop sensation, Robyn: goo.gl/TFmVT3
  • “Shadow Play”, the 1961 “Twilight Zone” episode Pat described, on IMDB: goo.gl/3BB2Zz
  • Phoenix Darts, where Jon digitally hustles players around the globe: goo.gl/5vCJBg

Featuring audio from:

  • “Groundhog Day” (1993) movie

This episode of The Dust Off is held together with duct tape and the following contributions:

  • Hosted by Stephen Belyea, Pat Brennan, Jake Martin, and Jon Ewart
  • Research by Pat Brennan
  • Edited by Stephen Belyea
  • Communications Specialist, Jeremy Fowler
  • Theme music from Valery & The Greedies: goo.gl/SrdxGD