028 – “Whole ‘Nother Wrinkle”

Bill Murray shrugs while walking in a blizzard in a shirt and tie

“Groundhog Day” (1993) drama-comedy with possibly a hint of rom-com. The guys dive into Bill Murray and Harold Ramis’ magnum opus with our very special guest, Mr. Brett Loughery. Jake and Steve take a barrage of questions from Brett while Pat makes bold, revealing choices. “Heidi II” is inspected, Brett’s pages of notes dissected, and Pat’s harsh vibe rejected. Weird Al, “South Park”, Jim Carrey, and “Stand By Me” are all dragged into this episode, while the hosts try to figure out who is messing with who.

Shout-outs mentioned in the show:

  • Brett Loughery (@TrashYeti) – our awesome guest host – on Twitter: goo.gl/QS3LP7

Featuring audio from:

  • “Groundhog Day” (1993) movie

This episode of The Dust Off is held together with duct tape and the following contributions:

  • Hosted by Stephen Belyea, Pat Brennan, Jake Martin, and Brett Loughery
  • Research by Pat Brennan
  • Edited by Stephen Belyea
  • Communications Specialist, Jeremy Fowler
  • Theme music from Valery & The Greedies: goo.gl/SrdxGD