023 – “Ginormous Eye Roll”

Jake stretches against a car wearing a pink muscle shirt outside in the snow

New Years resolutions. The guys get together in our Kitchener studio for a first crack at 2017 in this mid-season special. After some snobbery from Steve and eye-rolling from Pat, the guys respond to listener feedback (thanks!) and talk a bit about things to come. Nothing’s dusted off in this episode, but we did put together a short video (linked below) of our speed resolutions experience.

Shout-outs mentioned in the show:

This episode of The Dust Off is held together with duct tape and the following contributions:

  • Hosted by Stephen Belyea, Pat Brennan, and Jake Martin
  • Edited by Stephen Belyea
  • Communications Specialist, Jeremy Fowler
  • Theme music from Valery & The Greedies: goo.gl/SrdxGD