stephen, jake, and pat stand a few feet apart, not looking at the camera, with an alley stretching on behind them

The Dust Off is the podcast where “grown ups” take a fresh look at the pop culture relics that shaped us. Listen along as we find out whether those relics deserve a dust off, or should stay buried in time. We tackle movies, TV shows, books, comics, games, meals, even life experiences! We’re willing to ruin just about anything we hold sacred, purely for your enjoyment.

The show is hosted by a stellar team of three brand new hosts:

The three original co-hosts are still behind the scenes producing the show:

You can just follow @TheDustOff on the Twitters, if you don’t feel like catching non-podcast-related Tweets from the hosts.

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Our theme music is a ditty by the band Valery & The Greedies called “Tears Of Master Of Kung-Fu”. You can find the track on their Where’s Satan? album.