Any Questions?

jake and steve sit on the ground while pat stands between them shrugging

Howdy Friends,

First of all – many thanks to our original listeners for sticking through our growing pains and bumbling nonsense this long! To our new listeners – thank you for joining the fun and for not being scared off quite yet.

We love our listeners and want to show it. Much as we dig hearing ourselves talk endlessly (looking at you, Stephen), we’d also like to hear from you!

Our third season is fast approaching (January 20th – mark your calendars!) and we have a very special stand-alone New Year special dropping the first week of 2017. It’s all about resolutions (no big surprise there). With that, we’re resolved to keep you all in the loop and be part of the conversation.

We’ll be recording that one the night of January 1st, so please send along any questions, comments, suggestions, insults, concerns, recipes, instructions, tips on woodworking, or anything else by then. We’ll also be live Tweeting throughout the show (part of another resolution – let’s see how this goes) with a hashtag to be announced later – so you can hit us up while we’re yammering. Heck, we’ll even throw in a prize for anyone who makes us laugh while recording.

Until then, please hit us up through our various channels:

Have a rowdy holiday season, friends, and stay dusty!